Barcelona advances its exit plan for the next cycle

BARCELONA - Barcelona profiles the squad for the next season and at the same time prepares the final assault for the signing of Antoine Griezmann and studies the possible hiring of a new central, has little more than decided the exits, pending to place the players who will not enter the second project of Ernesto Valverde and that are more than what was planned a few months ago. Up to 12 are the players who aim to leave the club (or not to return in the case of the loan), some of their own desire, and whose cases are now on top of the desk of the technical secretariat.

The objective of Barça would be to reach 100 million euros, a complicated amount, but in which the club works with the double challenge of making salary hollow for Griezmann and the renewals that are still pending to be solved. André Gomes Appreciated in the dressing room, his adaptation to the team has been, however, disappointing and in the club his signing is recognized as a strategic error and without any sign of a solution. The player himself, who revealed his sports depression in a resounding interview, has opened the door to his departure and Barcelona works on a transfer in the best possible conditions for all parties. An information from Mundo Deportivo insisted on Thursday that André Gomes in person has asked to be transferred and that Milan has shown interest in his signing, without ruling out a transfer to the Premier League. For its sale, Barça would be satisfied if it collected half of the 35 million that it paid for its signing in the summer of 2016.

Paco Alcácer Although he has more than fulfilled his secondary role and has a goal-scoring ratio that improves even Karim Benzema, Barcelona weighs his place with the canterano Abel Ruiz, 18 years old and considered one of the values with the greatest future of the club . Alcácer resists, of entrance, to leave the Camp Nou although it is known appointed and from England it is affirmed that Southampton would be keenly interested in his signing if he manages to avoid the descent in the Premier League. The key, beyond trying to enter the maximum possible after paying for it 30 million two years ago, is knowing the salary that could offer the club that he signed to convince him.Follow the best betting odds of your favourite football games on

Denis Suárez Related months ago with Napoli, who remains keenly interested in his signing, his return to the plane, with a solvent performance in Seville and another as brief as intense and positive against Roma, does not hide that Barça wants to make cash with his transfer. The arrival of Coutinho, the future signing of Arthur and his little prominence place him on the exit ramp and although Denis maintains his desire to remain in the club, a good proposal could change his situation knowing that the coach would not put any problems on his departure .

Lucas Digne Barcelona maintains great expectations with the young Miranda, 18, and also relies on Cucurella, 19, to enter the fight for the left side, where the French is only an emergency resource with the ownership of Jordi Alba. If a good proposal arrived, which was also to Digne's liking, his departure could take place this summer, although Valverde continues to value him in his secondary position and the club does not want to accelerate the steps.

Aleix Vidal His limited role, with more discards than presences, have convinced him of the need to close a stage very far from what he expected upon his arrival. Signed together with Arda Turan in the summer of 2015, during the electoral process, Aleix Vidal collided with Luis Enrique first and has not finished gaining Valverde's confidence afterwards. The club is convinced of its transfer and the own lane, as in the case of André Gomes, wants to leave the club ... Although he has no intention of losing money.

Yerry Mina Esteemed in the dressing room and very well seen in all the estates of the club, even pampered by Valverde, his condition as extra-community penalizes him indisputably. Although Arthur is not incorporated until January 2019, the announced Portuguese naturalization of Coutinho is suspected that it will not have been solved by then and the Colombian would be without a site in the middle of next season ... Something that wants to avoid Barcelona. In this way, and taking into account its status as the central quarter of the workforce, the technical secretariat works on a transfer this summer, to a European club, considering that Mina is a footballer, despite everything, valid in the key of the future . Anyway, and waiting for the World Cup, it would not be ruled out that a good offer would provoke its transfer.

Rafinha Alcántara Transfer to Inter Milan until the end of the season, the Italian club has a 'compulsory' option to sign him for 35 million euros ... provided that the team of Luciano Spalletti is qualified to play the next edition of the Champions League. Right now he's fourth, with two points of rent on Lazio. Inter, however, has been satisfied with the performance of Rafinha and has already shown Barça their willingness to negotiate in advance the definitive signing of the player, as long as the club azulgrana downgrade their claims. With all these conditioning factors, his return to the Camp Nou can be considered discarded.

Carles Aleñá Despite having the firm support of all the estates of the club, where it is considered a player of excellent future, there is the conviction of the need to agree a transfer to a team of certain football conditions so that it acquires the necessary experience to become a place in the template.

Sergi Samper Finished before his time assignment to Las Palmas for the serious injury he suffered in January, is a case that is difficult to resolve in the club. At 23 years of age, Barcelona maintains his confidence in him but considers it very unlikely that he can get a place in the staff of Valverde, who in the summer of 2017 and despite his good performances in the preseason already opened the door to be transferred to the Canarian team. Thus, a transfer with repurchase option would not be ruled out.

Adrián Ortolá Near to turning 25 years, the third goalkeeper of the staff, holder in the subsidiary, maintains two more seasons of contract but the club has placed him the role of transferable and its march is very likely understood.

Douglas Pereira Yielded until the end of the season at Benfica, where his role is very limited, he will return to Barcelona in the summer ... to leave again. And this time, it is intended in the Camp Nou, with the letter of freedom since it does not fit into the club's plans. Transfer signed at the time by Luis Enrique, has one more year of contract with Barca although he never had the confidence of the Asturian coach who referred to him as a player "of the future" ... He has no future in Barça . Munir El Haddadi He has completed his second season on loan, first to Valencia and now to Alavés, and he must return at the end of the season without being taken into account by Valverde to be part of the squad. Canterano that had an excellent appearance in the first team (, was losing prominence and today the Barcelona seeks a transfer to which the player agrees.